Day 10 Expedition 1

Day 10

Awakened by the immense sound of the cicadas. Dominic and Aaron are not effected by the sound becase they have tinnitus









Wil and Woodrow sleeping on the roof while jeremiah is trying to kill ants, Winton is drawing with charcoal, and Aaron is trying to walk









As it darkens heavy wind starts to pick up








Woodrow trying to see if the house is blowing away, while Wil is trying to pull him down

















Woodrow has been hit down by flying debris, and Wil knocked aside









Wil telling Dominic what has happend









Wil, Winton, and Jeremiah erecting a mackshift rain cover just in time to keep it out









Wil, Jeremiah, and Winton take turns keeping the rain out of Dominic’s room so he can help Woodrow













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