Dungeons And Dragons.

h-hay world! you may be wondering WHAT IS DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!!! well I’ll tell you but first we must abbreviate it so here you go (D&D) okay now on to the fun part.

D&D is a board game WHAT A BOARD GAME NEVER MIND I’M LEAVING slow down it’s a create your own world kind of game, so there is one dungeon master (DM) and any number of players (usually 2-6 or as many as the DM can keep up with)  the DM builds a world for the players and sends them on adventures, usually with some over arcing story with many mystical monsters and wondrous places with fully in depth battles and well thought out rules.

I wold highly recommend this for any body who have not heard of it

now I didn’t just make this page just to tell you what D&D is this page and all related pages are the adventures of my players and what all they have done, have fun!