H-hay anybody! I have just made(at this date 10/19/2015) the ranks for ONSF so this is it

oh and i will let you how to determine whether or not you pass to the next rank but if you are still not satisfied hear is a example. for instance for speed I ran from the bottom of my hill to the top in under a minute and i timed myself and if I got higher than 40 seconds then I would not pass (I did pass).

At bat you get your name selected by your commanding officer if you have no CM (commanding officer) then you pick your division (for instance my division is the precious jewels division). at rank 21 “you get a name” means you get to chose your name (for instance at bat I was diamond but now that I am a CM my name is Valgth).


  1. Ghoul, strength
  2. Lion, speed
  3. Griffon, agility
  4. Nightmare, endurance
  5. Wyvern, patience
  6. Chimera, Balance
  7. Trent, Creative
  8. Dragon turtle, logic
  9. Pire giant, sneaking
  10. Devourer, Engineering
  11. Kraken, mathematics
  12. Lich, hearing
  13. Night wing, smell
  14. glabrezu, taste
  15. nightwalker, touch
  16. marilith. vision
  17. nightcrawler, craftsmanship
  18. solar, climbing
  19. tarrasque, calmness
  20. titan, time
  21. white dragon, do 1 better,     you get a name
  22. black D,, do 2 better
  23. brass D, do 3 better
  24. green D, do 4 better
  25. blue D, do 5 better
  26. copper D, do 6 better
  27. bronze D, do 7 better
  28. red D, do 8 better
  29. silver D, do 9 better
  30. gold D, do 10 better,     you are a commanding officer
  31. hydra 1H, spend 1 hour playing D&D
  32. hydra 2H, spend 2 hours
  33. hydra 3H, spend 3 hours so on and so forth
  34. hydra 4H
  35. hydra 5H
  36. hydra 6H
  37. hydra 7H
  38. hydra 8H
  39. hydra 9H
  40. hydra 10H
  41. hydra 11H
  42. hydra 12H
  43. hydra 13H
  44. ,hydra 14H
  45. hydra 15H
  46. hydra 16H
  47. hydra 17H
  48. hydra 18H
  49. hydra 19H
  50. hydra 20H,     you get a commanding officer cloak