World Map

First off I would like to say I AM SO SORRY I know it looks like CRAP but it’s a start




  1. Death hole or challenge pit, it’s a large hole in the ground with a huge network of tunnels filled with challenges such as fights, puzzles, traps etc.
  2. Death city it’s located around Death hole great spot to find adventures or adventurers.
  3. Tear lake, a lake said to have been made by the tears of lovers mourning over the loss of loved one lost in Death hole.
  4. Good lands just a nice place to be.
  5. turd lake named after Sir Tourde. K. Willis. (A very unfortunate name).
  6. Town of Zap nondescript town where my players started.
  7. Deroot peak large mountain over looking a large hills.
  8. Derr tower a more sinister place on top of Deroot peak.
  9. Royal forest or blue blood forest a large forest filld with all sorts of crazy things more famously the Blue Royal tree or Blue Blood tree a very rare type of blue tree.
  10. Sandy place a large sandy bank.
  11. Ocean of fish large numbers of fish come hear every year.
  12. Fish city the mane fish export of the all the land.
  13. Health river a river said to have magic healing powers.
  14. Lake of love said to bring love to all who meet there
  15. Town of Sady a mysterious town hidden in mist.
  16. Fuzzy grass land a place where grass is carpet and you can find the rare laser flower.
  17. Bad lands a not good place to be.
  18. Quissians desert a desert ruled by five Quissian tribes (see page 97 of the mythic races book for the d20 system).
  19. Frost lake (not frosty) is a place where the great wizard frost came to do many things of the utmost secrecy.
  20. Dark forest a magic forest not good but not bad.
  21.  Lake of despair an unhappy lake.